User Support

LASSO-CACTI is an umbrella for a range of available data types. Given the complexities of the modeling available within the LASSO-CACTI data set, and to ensure users understand the product nuances and gain the most value from the data, we encourage users to contact the LASSO development team when planning to use LASSO. The developers are more than willing to help and provide insight.

Additionally, the LASSO team appreciates knowing who uses LASSO and how the experiences are going so that LASSO can be improved over time. ARM occasionally highlights projects that use ARM data, so the more LASSO developers are aware of what researchers are doing, the more we can make the work visible in the community.

Several ways are available to contact the LASSO team and other LASSO users.

  1. The LASSO forum: The LASSO Discourse forum at is an excellent venue for asking general questions, providing feedback, and discussing with other LASSO users. The forum provides categories for general LASSO discussion and the available LASSO scenarios. Over time, we would like this forum to develop into a resource for users seeking answers to their questions. Note that users will need an ARM LDAP account to post to the forum, but no account is needed to read prior posts. The LDAP account is the same one used when downloading ARM data, so LASSO users typically already have an account; if not, one can easily be requested at

  2. Contacting LASSO leaders: The email address is an easy way to directly contact William Gustafson, the LASSO PI, and Andrew Vogelmann, the LASSO Co-PI. If they cannot answer a particular question, they can quickly let you know who on the LASSO team would be the best contact. In addition to helping with use of the modeling data, Gustafson can connect users to related instrument mentors and those responsible for the observations.

  3. Technical difficulties with downloads and Cumulus computing: The ARM Data Center is responsible for maintaining the web interfaces and servers for downloading ARM’s data. As such, the quickest way to get help for issues in this area is to <~~~?>. Issues with getting accounts and using the ARM Cumulus cluster and JupyterHub server are best addressed to

  4. LASSO email list: Announcements related to LASSO are occasionally shared via a LASSO email distribution list. Those interested in receiving these emails can sign up using the button at This page also includes links to the prior posts.