The core LASSO team developing LASSO-CACTI consists of William I. Gustafson Jr. (Principal Investigator), Andrew M. Vogelmann (Co-Principal Investigator), Mark M. Delgado, Satoshi Endo, Eddie K. Schuman, and Heng Xiao. Adam C. Varble (CACTI Principal Investigator) helped with case selection, nuances of observations, and general CACTI questions. The core team thanks the contributions by Tami Toto, who wrote prototype metrics post-processing software, and Karen Johnson, for support during code migration and continuity of operations. Members of the ARM Data Center who have contributed substantially to LASSO-CACTI include Wade J. Darnell, Maggie R. Davis, Kyle K. Dumas, Jeremy Gann, Michael T. Giansiracusa, Monica I. Ihli, Jitu Kuma, Robert J. Records, Pete Eby, Chirag Shah, and Will Provenza. Ryan C. Prout provided computing support for migrating to the new, second-generation Cumulus architecture. Joseph Rasmussen wrote the code for sphinx and bibtex to generate ARM-style citations. We also gratefully acknowledge the numerous members of the ARM infrastructure team for their coordination, installation, maintenance, processing, and advice given on the data products used and for LASSO product management.

Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Biological and Environmental Research via the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement user facility.

Computing resources for LASSO simulations provided by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement user facility with additional operational support from the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.

Portions of the work were performed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Battelle Memorial Institute operates PNNL under contract DEAC05-76RL01830, and at Brookhaven National Laboratory via a subcontract through PNNL. The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is supported by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC05-00OR22725.

Generated using Copernicus Climate Change Service information. Neither the European Commission nor ECMWF is responsible for any use that may be made of the Copernicus information or data it contains.

Access to data used and associated with LASSO-CACTI: